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Each of our clients embarking on an adoption seeks peace of mind and confidence in the permanence and security of the whole family. We assist clients in the adoption of children through an adoption agency; in re-adoption of children who were adopted from other countries so that they will have a United States adoption certificate and birth certificate; in open agreements between birth and adoptive parents; in step-parent adoptions; and in second-parent adoptions by domestic partners. We also assist birth parents negotiating adoption agreements.

Throughout the process, we provide information about legal options and procedures, as well as support and guidance to ensure that the adoption goes smoothly.



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Motor vehicle accident, including wrongful death cases:
$100,000 to $10.5 million
Medical malpractice cases:
$540,000 to $2 million
Other personal injury, including products liability cases:
$160,000 to $3 million
Civil rights, including sexual harassment cases:
$150,000 to $1 million
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